CTCVN … “gun fight at the gates” + “aborting eve”

the first 2 CTCVN albums are/were/still are up as “free” / “pay what you like” downloads over on our downloads page …

ctcvn - gunfilght

“gunfight at the gates” was recorded August 2012 in chiswick with Dave Mcgrain on drums, Damian making all the noises with all types of machines, including – Synths / samplers / circuit bents / sitar, Leonard adding wailing, vocals, etc … a 1 day session, recorded by CTCVN and mixed and produced by Damian!!

download here – http://doubledgescissor.bandcamp.com/album/gunfight-the-gates-8-018


CTCVN - aborting eve

“aborting eve” was Recorded By CTCVN & Gianpieru in another 1 day session in Barcelona @ the Human Feather Hq October 2012, this time featuring Thomas Close on drums and our good friend Gianpiero who played drums on UNO … with Damian and Leonard doing what they do …

download here – http://doubledgescissor.bandcamp.com/album/aborting-eve-8-019


we’ve also just finished recording another … as a 4 piece … more info soon!!!